The Lesson Objective…

The aim of this blog (and my co-author may disagree) is to provide a place for teachers to let off steam about the education system – a system in which only those of us at the chalkface – the actual classroom teachers- seem to feel the need to remember we teach CHILDREN not subjects and that making us jump through never-ending hoops to meet arbitrary target figures isn’t help us, or the kids – and it certainly isn’t raising standards. In a world where sometimes even the SLT seem to have forgotten what it’s like to deal with the kids day in day out, we need to stick together to survive because it really is a job worth doing properly.

If you are a teacher who feels increasingly disenchanted with the system but still maintain your passion for teaching and would like to be left to do what you are qualified in without the interference of everyone and his wife, then you are welcome to join us.
The idea is that this is written by teachers, for other teachers.

If you are not an education professional, then you are welcome to read this blog – but this is about life at the chalkface.


One thought on “The Lesson Objective…

  1. No disagreement from me at all. We’re teachers in the UK but we know that issues within education effect teachers around the world, so please don’t hesitate to comment, rant or join us, where ever you’re calling in from.

    If anyone is interested in contributing to the blog then please let us know. We welcome contributions from anyone who’s at (or been at) the chalkface.

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