No confidence in Gove – really?

No confidence in Gove – really?

And about bloody time frankly.

We’re a powerful, creative and intelligent profession with swathes of talented, unique and inspiring people – it’s time we stood up for ourselves instead of being pushed towards government regulated mediocrity and conformity. As people dedicated to challenging and developing talent in others we know the difference between someone challenging us and someone bullying and degrading us, holding out hoops for us to jump through and trying to turn us into a self-fulfilling prophecy of apathetic awfulness. 


2 thoughts on “No confidence in Gove – really?

  1. I completely agree that Michael Government is a clear and present danger to our kids and their education, but I think we need a plan B as I seriously doubt the academies route will go away with a different Minister For Education, or for that matter, with another government. This scares me silly.
    I do hope though that as he’s tarred and feathered, and dragged over broken glass, that two things remain from his ideas:
    1.Learn to program – not need bias here. When the spear was invented you learnt how to use it to stay alive or die out, programming is the spear to hunt in our modern world; if you never actually use the sunset professionally your analytical thinking will be improved anyway.
    2. Randomised control testing – this may not have been announced yet, but they have Ben Gold acre involved and hence could provide some analytics. My hope would be that it’s finally made obvious to politicians that it takes about 15 years to work out if any given policy has worked.

    • I would simply say..
      too much too quick. Governments always have stupid ideas but the crap ones last about 3 months before being shelved. The mass of stuff he is pushing through is simply meaning that the crap is starting to drown people down stream.

      Remember diplomas? They lasted long didn’t they?

      I like an end to the resit culture. I like an end to betecs (copy this off the board) being considered equal to gcse’s.

      These moron poloticians normally only do a few little bits at a time so by the time it hits the shop floor it is in a workable state. Obviously this one is the worst sort of idiot. One who thinks he is smart.

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