How long does it take you to unwind at the end of term and how do you go about it?

It’s the first tuesday of Easter holidays and I’d say I’d only just managed to unwind. On day one, I woke up at 5am with an urge to do make a powerpoint of starter puzzles –  I would have done it too had I not realised I looked like a zombie and went back to bed. After sleeping most of that day away, I couldn’t sleep the following  night and still had the urge to do some (unnecessary) work – which I forced myself to resist for the sake of my sanity. I was then miserable as sin for most of the day. Yesterday I was a little better but still worn out and I couldn’t think about anything (apart from work – that was no problem). Today I’ve actually been able to relax and enjoy myself. It’s a pattern i’ve become used to at the beginning of every holiday: exhaustion, depression, guilt, tension, obsession with what I should be doing because ‘teachers get so many holidays we’re practically part time’ and the urge to continue working. Anyone else feel like this or can you just get home, dump the hesian bag of doom by the stairs and put your feet up?  Save Draft


3 thoughts on “Unwinding

  1. Hmmm… I purposfully do nothing for a few days. Sleep, play computor games and ignote the, yes its hessian, bag containing 3 sets of isas to mark.

    As for the guilt…

    40 hours x 50 weeks
    Roughly equals
    50 hours x 39 weeks

    Show me a teacher who does less than a 50 hour week.

  2. I always feel bad if I leave the work. Like it makes me a poor teacher. I never thought that making myself leave it alone is something I *should* be doing.

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