Moved by the job

We call them ‘To Sir with Love’ moments – when you have achieved something in teaching that has really touched a child or a class. When you’ve done something that no one else has done, or very few have at any rate. When you’ve gone the extra mile, made the difference and it shows – even if it’s never been acknowledged. Is there a kid that only works for you? A naughty class you’ve got a grip on? Have you been moved by something the kids have done or said because of you? 

One of my examples  – I was called down to the behaviour team to discuss a pupil (thinking oh god what have I done now) – only to discover they wanted to know how come said pupil enjoyed my lessons and was proud of his work in my lessons when he wasn’t proud of anything else. I’ve been in constant contact with the behaviour support leader ever since – as she’d like to know exactly what I did. I nearly said ‘witchcraft’ – but I would have been lying and I’ve not been there long enough to make that kind of joke yet. So, spill – what are your ‘To Sir with love’ moments?


2 thoughts on “Moved by the job

  1. Its always the difficult ones. The ones who fight you every step of the way. Stop chewing, take your coat off. Pick up pen and paper from the front because you have lost your book, again.

    I can’t remember her name, but she even threw a chair at me.

    Yet on the last day she gave the most genuine, heartfelt hug i have ever had from a student and said that i was the best teacher she ever had.

    I still haven’t a clue what i did and god knows what she must have been like in other lessons.

  2. Being told “Miss, when you first turned up I hated ya but now I love ya lessons” by a student who used to bunk off every day.

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