Would you be comfortable teaching about pornography

Would you be comfortable teaching about pornography

Well? would you? As I’ve already said, I don’t embarrass easily – or virtually at all. I will happily answer most questions – my biggest reserve is whether a pupil’s parent would complain that I had given their child such information – and realistically when you work with teenagers (and you are the kind of person I am…) you end up being asked all sorts of questions. My philosophy is very much that I teach pupils not a subject – and an all round approach is best, for me. Today for example I have explained indigestion, made a list of the welsh names for common colours, explained strip billiards and threatened a year 10 with an in depth ‘discussion’ (in a detention) about rape if he kept making silly and insensitive comments in the course of four maths lessons. Teenagers want honest, factual information from people they trust – and I’m fine with that. In the past I’ve had teaching roles in the kind of places where you’re basically a youth worker with an educational bent. However, I know a lot of my colleagues, who I respect greatly as teachers, wouldn’t be comfortable. Should we be expected to address subjects we’re not happy talking about? And if we’re forced to deal with subjects on which we have little training and are unhappy delivering isn’t that as damaging to the pupils as letting them look it up on google (which they will anyway).


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