The Guilts

It’s Sunday evening and I’m having and attack of the guilts. I’ve done virtually no work this weekend – virtually not actually. Virtually no work comprises an hour this morning and 2 hours on Friday evening. I seem to feel like this every time I take a weekend completely off. I seem to have convinced myself that unless I work all day – I often get to work at 7.30, and leave between 4 and 4.30, sometimes without a break – and then at least 6 hours over the weekend, and a couple of evenings for good measure then I can’t possibly be doing my job properly. My lessons are planned, my marking is done, my data is entered – what else should I be doing? 

Does anybody else suffer from the guilts? or do you have an impossible work load you can’t find the end of? 


One thought on “The Guilts

  1. I used to… But nowadays i have a toddler. Three little words and a piece of maths stop me feeling guilty.


    then the maths… And this is the best bit…

    Take a 40 hour working week and multiply it by 50 weeks. The average person (gross rounding to make the sums easy.) plus a little extra.

    Divide that by a 39 week term. You get a 50 hour working week. Do more than that and you are essentially getting NO holiday/off time compared to the average Joe.

    So do 50 hours, then clock off.

    Love and hugs….

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