Who isn’t the education system failing?

If you read the education news you’ll find that the education system fails just about everybody – the latest 2 groups being the ‘invisible’ rural poor and ‘gifted and talented’ pupils. Are we giving anyone a good deal? I get really frustrated with these blanket statements about teachers and the education system that seem to continually paint the whole profession as incompetent, uncaring, lazy and unprofessional. I do the best I can for the kids I have, but I’m not magic and I’m entitled to time off from thinking about work. If the government want to look into anything, how about they start investigating why society no longer values the education system, and why so many people see fit to kick the free schooling they get in the teeth – I think they might find it’s to do with the fact that culture/the media scorns education – the ‘I never did good at school and it aint done me no harm’ attitude, and the value placed on non-academic talents as opposed to serious occupations. The media teaches young people to value the wrong things (in general) – making the job of teachers harder and harder – make school cool and raise national expectations instead of slagging off teachers and watch our children blossom. 


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