Sick of the Bullshit

I’m so fed up with all the bullshit being lobbed at the teaching profession at the moment – and the way it’s affecting the quality of life of some great friends who have given a lot of time to help other peoples children, above and beyond what they are paid for. The disparity between the a supposedly ‘fair’ workload and what we are actually expected to do is a joke and if anyone questions it we’re accused of being unprofessional. We’re treated like we don’t give a damn about the kids in front of us and that we haven’t trained for our jobs or worked hard to gain experience. We’re judged professionally on 20-30 minutes of outside observation by someone who probably couldn’t do half of the job we’re doing and doesn’t know the kids or any of the background. I’ve seen/heard inspectors comment on things that didn’t happen in the lessons they have observed – which HAD ALREADY HAPPENED BEFORE THEY CAME IN – only to say that they have to comment on ‘what they see’.  Well, why the fuck don’t we  all wait for them to show up and teach the whole lesson in half the time – which is what they seem to want us to do. Are their any other professions where there is such a snap judgement made?

It makes me so cross that regardless of what we do, we get shat upon and NONE of the reforms have raised standards, and all the ‘scrutiny’ that is supposed to ensure ‘excellence’ just causes hurt and stress and DOESN’T make better teachers.  All it does is demoralise dedicated professionals who are trying their best – because unlike the ministers and bureaucrats who think they know what they’re talking about, they actually care about and understand children and teenagers.  You can come out  with all sorts of bullshit about that not being the case for all teachers, but honestly in the course of my careers I’ve met only 2 or 3 teachers who genuinely didn’t give a shit about the kids and I doubt any of them are still teaching. This profession is hard enough if you love it, it’s hard enough to get right without the pressures of tickbox teaching and arbitrary target setting and league tables and twats like Gove.

That’s why I’m going on strike.


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