An Antidote for Bullshit

After all the bullshit that’s happened over the last couple of weeks I went looking for positives as I was seriously questioning how I felt about being a teacher (something I have NEVER done before, and I’ve worked with some of the most dangerous and troubled kids in the country)


The Antidote for the bullshit turned out  to be the kids! Yesterday, one of my current year 11s asked for extra revision sessions (from my bottom set ‘couldn’t behave so was put in my class’ class) and whilst we were going through some work after school, one of last year’s year 11s came back to thank me in person. Thinking on it,  I realised how many other kids have said thank you to me this week on the way out of my classroom and it’s more than you’d expect.  Some even thanked me for helping them with homework during detentions. I’ve had unsolicited apologies for not doing homework, kids coming in to redo work to get better scores and kids so desperate to do well that they’ve cried. One of my year 11s even spent his lunch money on a geometry kit for his maths mock this morning. 

I don’t teach parents or the SLT or politicians, or inspectors – I teach my kids and it’s their rating that really matters.


3 thoughts on “An Antidote for Bullshit

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