I’m having motivational issues. I can’t get to the bottom of them. I know there are loads of things bugging me – but I think they all amount to one thing, total lack of actual challenge. Yes teaching is a challenging job, and tiring – but I’ve reached a plateau. I got to school, prep lessons in about five minutes, teach classes, mark books, ignore my form class and do data entry. That’s the bones of the job. Have I any wish to improve my practice? No. Should I have – of course I should. But frankly, there’s nowhere for me to go. My HoD is a megalomaniac – who has everything under control. He’s a great bloke but in terms of my PD – useless. My Head treats me like he’s worried abut me all the time because I once cried in his office – which is frankly starting to piss me off. I want to take on new challenges, I’ve been teaching 10 years I’m ready to spread my wings but frankly I feel stifled surrounded by older colleagues who treat me – at the age of 34 – as though I’m still wet behind the ears. So, I’ve decided bugger it. I’m going to do the bare minimum I can to get by, and have the work/life balance of a normal person not a guilt ridden teacher who has been lead to believe that free time makes them a bad person.

You know what, I don’t think my kids have suffered…..


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