What happens when the Prime Minister doesn’t mean what he says?

Prime Minister, we need to talk about people
This article is thought provoking for many different reasons. As an immigrant myself – admittedly a pasty white, fluently english-speaking and brought over by parents at the age of four so it’s difficult to tell type of immigrant – I like to think I’ve contributed to society as a Teacher and a leader with Girlguiding among other things. However, immigration is not why I wanted to put this article here.

What does it have to do with Education I may hear you cry!

Well this is the problem. We as teachers are told that we MUST educate children better in British Values – what ever they are – and that if WE don’t the country will fall to pieces. Now, I could do a verse and two choruses on the irresponsibility of blaming teachers for all that is ‘wrong’ with ‘today’s youth’ but I won’t. My point is very simple and I’m going to put it very simply

If the man who runs the country stands up and opens his mouth and says things that lack any sort of compassion and contradict what he has previously said are ‘British Traditions’, how is it the fault of teachers that young people have such a bleak outlook and suffer from disenchantment and disaffection ? Frankly, I know how they feel

We don’t need educational reform in this country, we need cultural and social reform.


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