The end of Our Profession.

Originally, I posted it on Facebook but Mrs Ramsay asked me to put it here:

I don’t understand why this isn’t being made more of:
“Academies can set their own terms for teachers’ pay and conditions, they don’t have to follow the national curriculum, and if qualified teacher status is abolished, they will have much more flexibility in who can be hired.”

The government have basically said ‘clearly, teachers don’t agree with us, so lets deconstruct their whole profession around them because clearly they’re a bunch of left-liberals, and it’s a job anyone can do’ – national pay and conditions meant that teachers in rough birmingham comprehensives where everything is in short supply were paid the same as those teaching in posh grammar schools in the south east where the annual ski trip costs a grand and is absolutely de rigeur…..and qualified teacher status meant that you were a highly trained post graduate professional….. i don’t know what to say…..


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