5 Things that will happen to New Teachers

Worth A Read

It’s happened to all of us – it’ll keep happening.

As a teacher friend of mine once said ‘sometimes it’s the best job in the world, and then there are some days when you just want to go home and eat all the chocolate spread in the house’.


Acknowledge the ones that make it worth teaching…

This teacher wrote a letter to a pupil who moved her by crying during silent reading. We all have them, the ones that actually take seriously what we are trying to put across. Not in terms of curriculum but in terms of learning and life.


Is Michael Gove Lying to Us All?

I could have written this myself but instead, as all teachers know, it’s better not to reinvent the wheel. So in someone else’s words…


There is no doubt about it: I have spent long enough ranting about both the internal and external inspection systems in schools.  I think prior readers will by now have realised, maybe even appreciated, my views on the whole disgraceful, downbeat, dour, depressing, damn thing. But, really, I do feel compelled to ask this question at least one more time: ‘How is it possible that there be such a gulf, NO: an enormous, vacuous, gaping, septic, chasm  between what our Secretary of State for Education is advocating and the insidiously-enforced practice that is  actually happening in a great number of schools?

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Here is just a brief example of his recent words:

“All too often, we’ve seen an over-emphasis on group work – in practice, children chatting to each other – in the belief that is a more productive way to acquire knowledge than attending to an expert”.

(Michael Gove, Sept…

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Thank A Teacher (or more than one)

Following on from my antidote to bullshit – tomorrow Saturday 5th October is World Teacher Day. We should all be grateful to the great teachers that inspired and nurtured us, and in some cases continue to nurture and inspire us in our adult lives.

Let’s celebrate the amazing contribution of the millions of teachers world wide who build the future day at a time.