Insult of the Week #2

“Go drink citrus bleach.”

– more inventive than ‘f*** off’ I suppose…..


Insult of The Week

I’m starting a new series.

Being an SEBD teacher, I hear A LOT of insults every week. Most of them are not very inventive and involve either the F word or the C word. However, occasionally there’s a gem…for instance: ‘

“Where did you get your f***ing hair cut? Lidl?”


“If you don’t shut the f*** up I’ll skin you and use your skin as a towel”

Every week, I’m going to post the funniest or most creative insult I hear. So here’s the first one. This was shouted at me by a year 8 who thought I was being stupid because I didn’t realise he’d started on the wrong question.

“Oh my f***ing god! Have you only got 7 chromosomes or something?”